Hi Fellow Parent!

This is Lori Gates and I’m a mother to 3 kids – 2 boys and 1 girl. My children were all very challenging to take care when they were still babies, but they fortunately grew up to be very sweet and very loving. I can still remember my struggles in waking up late in the evening to attend to their needs and calm them down when they’re fussy at night. I’m pretty much sure that all parents know exactly what I mean here.

This is exactly the reason why I created my website – http://SoothingMyFussyBaby.com – to help many parents out there to cope up with the challenges of taking care their babies. This specifically created website will help parents on how to soothe crying baby, learn effective soothing baby sounds, the best way to handle fussy baby at night, and find out the best and safest baby white noise machine in the market right now.

Being a parent is a very demanding job, but the smile, the joys, and the love that we get from our children are more than enough to compensate all the struggles that we have endured for them.

Cheers to all of us parents here!!